Crazy Rich Asians – Astrid

Have you read Kevin Kwan’s novel ‘Crazy Rich Asians’? It offers a witty, satirical glimpse into the inside world of ultra-wealthy Asian families. The fun, generally light-hearted and slightly voyeuristic tone makes it the kind of book you’d want to read on the beach in summer. ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ is about to be adapted into a Hollywood movie, and the third book in the series, ‘Rich People Problems’, will be released in May.crazy-rich-asiansOne detail I particularly liked was the description of Astrid’s (one of the main characters) outfits. As an heiress of an old-money family, Astrid is quite the fashionista with exquisite taste to match her enormous wallet. astrid-faceastrid“…embroidered Alexis Mabille white peasant blouse with the pearl-gray Lanvin cigarette pants and her new VBH earrings. The thing about those earrings was that they looked so over the top, everyone would think they were costume jewelry. They actually dressed down the whole outfit.”

Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians – Astrid

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